Welcome to my site. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Brett. I'm work with data professionally. From administration and operations to ETL and reporting I can support nearly any effort involving an enterprise data platform.

Most of my professional experience has been with Microsoft platforms starting way back doing domain admin work with Windows 2000 and working with data on SQL Server 2000. While I've stayed current and still work day to do with Microsoft technology my career and my personal interest has taken more and more to OSS technology and the cloud. For the past 5 years I've built and managed systems in AWS and Azure using various flavors of Linux from Ubuntu to CentOS and data platforms ranging from self hosted MySQL and Postgres, to Azure SQL, and AWS RDS instances of Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL, Aurora, and worked quite a bit in Redshift.

In my personal life I am an avid Missouri sports fan and always catch the Cardinals and Royals when they make a trip to San Diego or LA. I also love working with technology as a hobby. I'm usually always tinkering with something new to keep learning from running k8s on my own server stack at my house to building a nice gaming PC.

Resume is at the top of the page for any opportunities.